What topics are covered in Stronger School

  • Confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin - ALL the time

  • Boundaries. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Re-parenting yourself. Dealing with past hurts and leading yourself into the future

  • Neuroscience. How you can work with your brain to maximum effect

  • Self-awareness. Discover new ways of understanding yourself

  • Mood regulation. Effective ways to handle low mood and stress/anxiety

  • Life management. New ways to manage energy and set goals

  • Self-love. How to give yourself the attention you want from others

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This is what I know is vital to impactful learning

  • Real life

    There is no room for dry theory in Stronger School. I only teach what I have lived through. Most of it comes from painful personal experience. My whole life fell apart and I rebuilt it from the inside. Stronger School is where I share my real life learnings.

  • Multi-disciplinary

    As an independent life coach, I draw from multiple approaches to wellness and performance. Amongst the sources in Stronger School you will find the work of psychologists, philosophers, religious teachers across the different traditions, therapists and doctors.

  • Self-directed

    Go at your pace through whatever material speaks to you. You are the expert on your inner world. Joining in with a themed live event or watching a replay can add to the self-selected study courses that are added to each month.

Become a member and change lives

Every subscription supports the work of Asha society. £1 of every monthly subscription goes directly to changing the lives of slum dwellers in Delhi. Providing access to education, financial assistance, medical care and work experience.
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What others say about Stronger School

Let's Conquor Motherhood

Lisa York

Let's Conquor Motherhood

Naomi has been such a good friend to me. It’s been so helpful to have her support through the huge transition from being a full-time mum into working. Utterly amazing one to one session and the course was so powerful. Naomi has been my guide and brought mindfulness into my life in a fresh way. Such a lot of wisdom!
Feast and Share Supper Club

Sarah Cobbold

Feast and Share Supper Club

After working with Naomi, I started to really believe that I could run a viable business. That mindset shift gave me the confidence to find a business partner and apply for funding that before I never would have even considered. Instead of telling people, 'I sort of do a bit of cooking on the side, supper clubs, that kind of thing…’, I now look them dead in the eye and say, 'I run a catering business’. That’s all thanks to Naomi.
Humphreys Haberdashery

Amy Humphreys

Humphreys Haberdashery

Working with Naomi on the course flushed out unhealthy things in my approach to my business. Especially hiding from the finances and not understanding my profit margins. I could see how my attitudes were getting in the way of my success. I now have a passion for my business grounded in awareness and I am not blindly going ahead with my fingers crossed.

Gemma Skevington

Before I had coaching with Naomi I struggled a lot with my confidence and anxiety. I was regularly overcome with huge negative emotions and it was really holding my life back. I am a completely different person these days. I have the confidence to speak in front of people. I am more peaceful and have better connections with people. It has changed my daughter's life too. She now has a mum who can focus on her needs and our home is more loving and peaceful. I wouldn't have believed the changes I have experienced could be possible for me.

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  • If I change my mind can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes. If you decide you want to leave Stronger School simply cancel your subscription and your membership will finish at the end of the period you purchased.

  • What should I do if I have questions about the training?

    Get in touch with us. Stronger School is a small community and we are learning together. You will have a response to your question within 24 hrs.

  • How long will it take to complete the training in Stronger School?

    There is a growing resource bank of training courses included in the membership with new courses added each month. Each one takes between 30 and 90 minutes to complete. You can follow through the material at your own pace and many of the courses have exercises to complete in addition.